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Palm Beach Gardens

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Palm Beach Gardens FloridaPalm Beach Gardens has a very interesting history.

In 1959, a wealthy landowner, John D. MacArthur decided he wanted to develop a new city in South Florida.  He did not want to build a city aimed at attracting tourists, but rather a city for people to live, work and raise families.

As a lover of trees and gardens he wanted the new city to have streets lined with flowers and trees.  The development of Palm Beach Gardens was a carefully planned process.  All construction, including streets and waterways, were built around existing trees as MacArthur wanted to preserve the old trees, including giant Banyan Trees.

Since Palm Beach Gardens was to be a city for many different people, Churches were among the first building built.  It was important for families of all faiths to have access to their religion and culture.

Palm Beach Gardens is also the proud holder of the Tree City USA designation, an award that goes to communities that are active in preserving, caring for, and planting new trees.

The community is vibrant with plenty of retail, entertainment and activities to choose from.  There are activities for everyone from young to old, and no shortage of real estate either.  Whether you are looking to live in a lock and go condominium, or want the green space of a single family home.