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Manalapan Florida

If you want to live in a small tranquil beach side community, Manalapan Florida is the place for you.  In Manalapan you can buy a condominium for under a million dollars, or an expansive mansion for 30 million!  Prefer to a floating home?  Manalapan Florida has space for that, for under 3 million dollars, it can be yours!

Manalapan has some interesting history, including the belief that the name comes from the New Jersey Township of Manalapan.  The town of Manalapan Florida is also a favorite destination for many famous people.  People like Tony Robbins, Billy Joel and Yanni are just a few that enjoy the Manalapan Florida lifestyle.

Manalapan Florida Development

While there have been many proposed projects over the years from developers, Manalapan remains a small residential community.  There is only 4% of the land area that is designated for commercial use, helping preserve the beauty of the area.  There are also very few renters, and the full time population at last census was just over 400.  Yes, you can actually know your neighbors (if you want to).

Residents of Manalapan can also choose to enjoy the perks of membership to the exclusive Coquille Club, a full service resort spa.

With it’s own police force, and private security, Manalapan residents can rest easy knowing they are well protected.