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Juno Beach

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Juno Beach FL

Juno Beach was originally settled in response to tourist demand.  Being an ocean front town, it was only natural for motels and other tourist venues to get together.

The Creation Of Juno Beach

Located on a barrier island, which was created when the Intracoastal was dredged in 1898.  As always, many people flock to water front towns, as such, Juno Beach has a largely snow bird population.

Juno is also a popular upscale golf destination.  The Seminole Golf Club, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, provides relaxing golfing, amongst fantastic views!

There has been a lot of building in the area, condo developments started going up as early as the late 1960’s.  As the real estate increased, so did the values.  The introduction of FP&L administrative offices also added to making Juno Beach a destination.

Today Juno is one of the premier seaside towns in Palm Beach County.  Mostly residential, but bordered by many areas that have shopping, restaurants and more.

Being an ocean front town, the Town Council is very active in protecting it’s residents and property owners from storms, hurricanes and flooding.  Every year reminders are sent out for insurance, and storm preparations.

Life in Juno can be difficult…..with the focus being golfing, walking, sunbathing, swimming, fishing….life is rough!