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Highland Beach

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Highland Beach Florida

Highland Beach Florida is a small beach front community filled with luxury homes and condos.  Most offering easy and exclusive beach access, it is a popular destination amongst ocean lovers.

Like all ocean front communities the value of the property has risen substantially over the years, going from $45 per foot in 1945 to todays $80,000 for ocean front foot!

One of Palm Beach Counties southern beach towns, it is bordered by Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

Taking a drive along the Highland Beach portion of the South Florida A1A highway offers beautiful scenery.

Over half the residents of the small Highland Beach town are snow birds, who enjoy the benefit of leaving behind the cold and snow.

Being a largely snow bird and senior town, the town is active in ensuring that all seniors have access to services and care if needed.

Highland Beach Sea Turtles

As with many Palm Beach County communities, turtle care has a special place in this towns heart.  The sea turtle is an endangered species and as such there are volunteer programs in place to help the them survive and thrive.  The nesting is protected with steps such as fading night lights during hatching season and marking off active nests.

Highland Beach is a small community, with beautiful real estate.  Many of the units have magnificent views, and unfettered beach access.  If beach front is what you are looking for, this area is perfect.  Contact me today to explore the various options.  From large expansive homes to luxurious condos, there is something for the beach front lover.