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Boynton Beach

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Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is a city in Palm Beach County that is becoming more and more popular with snowbirds and families alike.  There is a small town community feel, with neighbors looking out for neighbors.

Boynton Beach Fun Fact

Many people do not know this but in the early 1900s Boynton was actually the main milk supplier for Palm Beach County.  There were many dairies, which later 1900’s were closed down and slowly made way for more housing.


Running from the intracoastal all the way West to the Florida Turnpike, Boynton Beach has a wide variety of housing.  There are many popular and active 55+ communities, as well as beautiful high end waterfront communities.  There are different schooling options available, so many families have chosen to make Boynton their home.  Developers have risen to meet the demand, building family oriented communities, as well as plenty of restaurants and retail spots.

The development of Boynton has been so rapid that it is not uncommon to hear a long time resident say “I remember when this area was all fields.”  Much has changed in 50 years.  The city of Boynton is fortunate to have a very active and involved police force, the Boynton Beach Police Departments, or BBPD.  The members of the BBPD make many efforts to reach out, help out, and maintain a friendly but visible presence.  

New construction is currently going up, and several others planned for the future.  Boynton Beach has many different retail districts, and there is a focus on reviving the “downtown” area.  There are beautification projects, new businesses and homes.

Of course no South Florida town is complete without it’s beaches, and Boynton Beach is no exception.  Even though technically other small towns run along the Atlantic, there are many beaches, all well maintained and popular.  Don’t forget the bonus of being only minutes away from Downtown Delray Beach, and it’s beautiful beaches!